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Chain and the Gang

Even though I’ve recently gone digital and am finally accepting the inevitable, I am also still just as much in love with film and film cameras as I ever was. When leaving the house to go do something fun I have to consider several things regarding which camera to take – the Canon 5D Mark II (digital), or the Leica M6 (film).  These two cameras couldn’t be more different. The former is big, flashy, and complicated. The latter is small, simple, noninvasive, and fast. When seeing bands, I have been choosing the latter, and shooting black and white film. There is something so raw and visceral about the way it looks. Don’t you think? This is a rockin band which has had many names over the years I’ve been listening to them. Mr. Ian Svenonius has fronted Nation of Ulysses, The Make Up, Scene Creamers, Weird War, and now Chain & the Gang. They’re from Washington D.C. and they’re great.

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