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Yearly Archives: 2009

Golden Green

Last weekend I met up with Ashley and Natalka for a hike around Rotary Park in Milton, Ontario. It was a stunningly beautiful day and we had a fun hike through the forest. Can’t wait for your wedding next year!

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Nuit Blanche

Alexandra (Alita) Gonzales’ beautiful giant Lite Brite was the lone star at Trinity Bellwoods Park. People really connected and had fun with it. Also pictured – a man with a unique sense of headgear; me on my bike zipping around trying to see what the night had to offer; and Brookfield Place where people were […]

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Ocean Obsession

I grew up next to the Indian Ocean. For the first 15 years of my life there were very few days I was not in the ocean. Now whenever I am near one, I feel like I’m back home and it’s quite difficult to get me out. On this trip to Long Island, I pretty […]

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Horsies! (and a dog and some kittens)

I’ve never been asked to photograph anything other than people, places and things. Horses are different…completely different. First off, they’re gigantic. Second, they really have a mind of their own, even though they’re domesticated and trained. Third, they move really fast and as they gallop by you the ground trembles under their thundering hooves. And […]

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Davida & Stewart

Back-yard weddings are the best. Two years ago Davida and Stewart made a connection at John & Alicia’s fantastic backyard wedding. And now they’ve had a fantastic one of their own.

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kids, kids, and more kids…

This is my nephew Noah, he’s just turned three. We had a birthday party as we do every year at the park near our house. This will be his last birthday as a single child as he has a little brother on the way.

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John, Alicia, and Jeremy

Many years ago (1994-1997) I went through the photography program at the Ontario College of Art and Design, where I met John. He starterd talking to me because I was wearing a home-made Superchunk t-shirt. One day he told me about this girl in the graphic design program who was always in the computer lab he […]

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