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Côte d’Amour

Paimpol, France Côte d’Amour, France Guingamp, France Guingamp, France Côte d’Amour, France Paimpol, France Paimpol, France Paimpol, France Binic, France Vallée des Saints, Bretagne, France Ghost of an Indian Chief. Bretagne, France Binic, France Clammer, Trégastel, Bretagne Trégastel, Bretagne Trégastel, Bretagne  

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Dog Days of Summer

  A few months ago I raised a bunch of money for the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation by participating in the Becel Ride for Heart. In order to encourage donations I created some prizes, and I was very happy when Bill and Marilyn took the plunge and donated a healthy figure to the cause. […]

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Horsies! (and a dog and some kittens)

I’ve never been asked to photograph anything other than people, places and things. Horses are different…completely different. First off, they’re gigantic. Second, they really have a mind of their own, even though they’re domesticated and trained. Third, they move really fast and as they gallop by you the ground trembles under their thundering hooves. And […]

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