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Amos’ Pond

When I lived in Pickering briefly, and many years ago, I stumbled upon Amos’ Pond. Back in those days it didn’t seem as overgrown and wild as it does now, even though suburban spawl has begun to surround it.  For these kids it’s a place of wonder and adventure, where they study with rapt attention all […]

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Close to home

I’ve always cherished having my family so close. Daily visits from the upstairs bunch are a delight and a constant source of amusement. Who needs TV when you have these two!  

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kids, kids, and more kids…

This is my nephew Noah, he’s just turned three. We had a birthday party as we do every year at the park near our house. This will be his last birthday as a single child as he has a little brother on the way.

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John, Alicia, and Jeremy

Many years ago (1994-1997) I went through the photography program at the Ontario College of Art and Design, where I met John. He starterd talking to me because I was wearing a home-made Superchunk t-shirt. One day he told me about this girl in the graphic design program who was always in the computer lab he […]

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Holy communion, batman!

Meet Aleksandra. She’s hilarious, and although she looks like a princess in these photos, she’s quite the tomboy. Getting her into this getup on a gorgeous summer day was no fun for anyone, but soon it was all over and she was back to rolling around in the grass and skateboarding with her friends.

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